To truly master the art of success one must also master the art of criticism. You must carefully acknowledge  criticism, pick the lesson and improve on your craft. It is important to note that not all criticisms are image targeted or personal. You will come to realise that you will easily embrace criticism when you take them as corrections.
Corrections are solid proves that there’s a potential you’re yet to attain but can be recognised by the critic. Here are four guides to help you embrace criticism
  1. Invest in your flaws:

When your mistakes or areas of weakness are pointed out. Choose to work on those areas and get better regardless of how the message is conveyed. People recognise potentials when they see one, when you’re being criticised always ask yourself “How can I get better?”
  1. Appreciate Imperfection:

Perfection is a myth and it doesn’t exist. However, imperfection shows there are areas to improve on and get better. Critics will help you set goals which can be achieved on the long run. Get excited when your imperfection is stated by anyone who notices it. It shows that another area of your life requires growth and expansion.
  1. Criticism is the new way to learn:

Naturally human beings are generally lazy when it comes to self-development and most times it takes the interference of an external factor to seek it. Accepting criticism and implementing it, motivates you to look for ways to correct the weakness. It will also help you to rediscover yourself.

   4.  Be open-minded:

A close mind can’t go far in life. It will do you good to identify what the challenges are, the obstacles and the lessons learnt in surmounting them.

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