Fortune favours the brave

This quote describes Maryam Laushi’s political journey. What she began has a small movement to include to young people in Nigeria’s politics has turned around to be an evolution felt nationwide and a political appointment for her.  Who is Maryam Laushi?

Maryam Laushi is a graduate of Coventry University. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Media and her Masters degree in Marketing management. Laushi relocated to Nigeria after concluding her Masters degree program.

Her place of primary assignment during her NYSC was at Leadership Newspaper groups. Afterwards she was hired  as a research and social media assistant on Mallam Nasir El’ Rufai’s 2015 gubernatorial campaign. The election was successful and she moved from Kaduna  to Abuja where she was assigned as New media manager at Leadership newspaper groups. This helped advance her career as a communication speciality.

Maryam  alongside nineteen others pioneered the “not too young to run movement” which later got the attention of Nigerians and the  government . Over 20 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria signed the bill while the bill is pending in 10 other states.

In an interview with theambaimprint, Maryam was asked if she believes young people are truly ready to run, her reply was

This question has been a bane to this movement for me. The question is based on a skewed thinking that; All young people are identical and behave in the same way. WRONG!

Young people have different goals, experiences, ideas, interests and so, we cannot expect to answer that question directly. Some young people are ready and there are those who aren’t . The question to be asked is – Does the movement encourage a more democratic Nigeria? And the answer is ‘yes’.

She went further to say:

‘Not too young to run’ does not  promise that young people will solve all Nigeria’s problems. Neither is it advocating for for a complete change of guards from old to new. Rather it is about giving young people the space to participate at all levels of political process.

Maryam is passionate about education, growth and development. She volunteers for the non-profit Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth and Advancement (YIAGA). She brave and relentless spirit to achieve what seems to be impossible earned her an appointment recently . Maryam was announced as the National Publicity Secretary of the Modern Democratic Party of Nigeria March 26, 2018.

Maryam Laushi is making history one day at a time. What a good time to be a youth and to be a woman in Nigeria.

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