There is a constant need for emancipation and freedom. Women want their equality and freedom, teenagers want a level of freedom from their parents, inmates desire that too from the justice system and in recent times, our bodies want freedom from external disturbances. The adhesive breast lift or stick-on bra has come to the rescue.


Most ladies would tell you how uncomfortable they feel when they wear a bra while some would opine that they feel more comfortable when they wear one. I like to believe that this difference in opinion is as a result of the sizes of cups worn by each woman. A bra is every woman’s essential.


Charles L. Langs is the earliest brain known behind adhesive bras. An invention he delved into in 1949 when he constantly witnessed his wife Mary fidgeting with the straps of her regular old swimsuit. Depending on whether you see brassiere technology as functional or oppressive —adhesive undergarments are still around today. Will this eventually shove the conventional bra off the shelf?


They are  the best options for  backless dresses, wedding dresses, off shoulder clothes, and for many outfits when you’re not feeling up to wearing a full bra. Adhesive bras come with various benefits and disadvantages. It is also a good choice for hot weather, as long as you would be in an environment where you won’t sweat so much. After every use, rinse the bra cups with warm water and some soap to make sure all skin oils and residue come off. They’re easy to wear and manage, however, they tend to lose their stickiness after a few wears.


Shopping online for this may be a little unfavourable as most cups despite the sizes tagged on them may not fit you properly. Buying from a lingerie shop is the best option.


For best results, ensure they are made from silicone – it will help with lift and coverage.



Have a sneak peek on what your stick-on bra looks like:

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