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Grocery stores can be expensive. There are times we make short unplanned trips to the grocery store to get a single item and few minutes after we are walking out of the store with a basket full. Although, at that moment it might seem like we need all the items, chances are we don’t need them and we are spending more than is required for grocery shopping. These tips will help you save while grocery shopping

Write a list

Shopping with a grocery list helps save time, energy and money. This is the number one step to shopping smarter, start preparing your grocery list when you begin to notice you’re running low on any item. That rules out the possibility leaving out any important item while hurriedly making a list on weekends.

Take inventory

This will help you to keep track on the items you have, take notes of the expiry dates and help avoid getting the same item twice. It is easy to fall into the trap of getting an item twice and not only that, storing them away in the pantry still it gets spoilt or expired.  Regularly taking an inventory will help avoid that.

Listen to fast spaced music

You weren’t expecting that, I know, but there is a lot of science grocery store put to getting money out of your purse without you realising it. A study has shown that music has subliminal influence on people while  shopping, a slow music is likely going to stay longer than required in the store hence you spending more while a fast spaced song will make you want to  finish shopping as soon as possible.

Beware of the high-low rule

This is another way grocery store gets money out of your purse. You might not have noticed but goods with higher prices are placed higher, while goods that are relatively cheaper are placed lower. The goods with lower prices are usually just as good as the goods with higher prices, the only difference is the brand.

Go generic

You’re unlikely to see much difference at all between the generic and name brands especially for food items, be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing them and buy such items based on priorities. You will be glad you went for generic items next time you go grocery shopping.

Shop alone

Don’t go grocery shopping with your friends or partners, most times when you don’t go shopping alone  you’d realise you either by an item twice or you spend money on items you might not need or you forget to stick to the list. Avoid all these by shopping alone

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

Hilarious right? But is true, a research has shown that you’re susceptible to temptation of not sticking to your list and acquiring items you have no use for. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach at all cost, eat something before going shopping it is one of the best ways to shop smart.


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