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A makeup purse is an essential accessory for every woman. Trends come and go, but these makeup staples should never leave our makeup purse – nothing more, nothing less. Let’s dig right in to find out the 10 must-haves items that must never leave our makeup stash.


Makeup Brushes

This is the holy grail, if you do not have makeup brushes stashed in your makeup purse, then you should hurry to get one. For your makeup to come out nice you need the right applicators


Primer is the base for foundation, it is literally a lifesaver  because it helps your makeup last long under extreme weather.  It is a must-have in your makeup purse and it should come first before any other thing.



It helps to cover blemishes and it gives the face a uniform colour, it is important to get your exact skin tone for the foundation to blend into the skin to achieve that flawless look.


You need this for defining your eyebrows and for highlighting your face. It is best used for covering blemishes and  eye bags, there’s no need to walk around with Gucci eye bags any more! Cover them bags


Beauty Blender

Just like the name, it helps blend the makeup deep into the skin. The only true way to make your make-up sit well is by using this. It can be used to blend in the concealer and for setting the powder. There are no short-cuts you need this in your makeup purse, if you are interested in looking flawless.


Lipsticks are like magic, they do wonders. They are your go to makeup staples when in need of a confidence boost. A red lipstick is the life line you need when you need to channel your inner girl power and it also gives you the “I’m the life of the party” vibe while a nude lipstick will give you the sophisticated look. The good thing about the lipstick is there are various shades to play with, so, stash as many as you wish inside your makeup purse. Silence your doubts by reading this

Eye Liner

Eye liners are versatile, you can use an eyeliner to achieve a smoky eye for dinner and use it to achieve a dramatic cat eye when heading to the club. Also, you can use it subtly to make your eyes look bolder, there are a lot of looks you can achieve with the eyeliner, reasons it is a must-have.


It is used for lengthening and darkening your eyes lashes. If you’re not all about the false lashes life then a lengthening and voluminous mascara should always be in your makeup purse.


A powder is one of the basic makeup items every makeup lover should have in their purse. You can either choose between the loose or the compact powder, which ever your pick is, make sure you have a powder stashed in your makeup purse.

Lip Balm

To avoid dry or chapped lips, you need a lip balm to keep your lips moisturised. Girl! No prince wants to kiss a girl with chapped lips except you are all about kissing a frog. Keep those lips moisturised! Get a lip balm.



This makeup item is important to glow on ’em haters! You need this for that blinding glow when headed to a wedding party or when you’re about to get the club turnt on Friday nights. No one needs boring at parties.

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