Every black, female you-tuber rejoiced at the news when it was announced that You-Tube queen of Nigerian origins, Patricia Bright had made the cover of Glamour U.K. The You-Tube star who has been creating content on You-Tube for over 7 years was overjoyed at the news as she recounted on her instagram page.  We love to see women win and even more so, when it is a testament to consistent hard work and diligence. What a great way to kick off women’s month.

In her interview, she had a few wise words to dish out further emphasising on the relatable girl-next-door aura she oozes in her videos. Never one to shy away from sharing all her moments, even the imperfections, she

“I look at the girls with tiny waists, big boobs and perfect bums, and that’s lovely. But that’s not my reality, because I love cake!”, admits the 31-year old mother-of-one.

“My reality might be a bit more squidgy, but I’m still comfortable with who I am and not being perfect. And if I want to change things, that’s great, too. Real beauty comes from who you are on the inside and as I’ve grown into myself, I’ve realised that beauty genuinely is in the eye of the beholder. There will be people who find you beautiful regardless of society’s beauty standards, so find that group. Find the people who love you.”

Wise words from our slay aunty!

The You-tube star not only sets a great example for women plying in her steps; as a mother of one, she’s also an inspiration for mom-preneurs across the globe owing to the testament that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to do as long as you’re focused.



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