Just before you go further, this is not a ‘Stay in your lane this Christmas Holidays’ piece. Don’t worry we’re indulging you, but only this once.

As we gear up for the festivities this season, every store on the corner is advertising their products for all to purchase which I find interesting as I always wonder why their marketing budget for christmas increases to much more than it was during the course of the year. Subsconsciously, they toy with our minds knowing that more people are home for about a week or two and are indirectly taking in all that they’re selling. Very many are also quick to buy as well because

1. They’re idle

2. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

3. See 2.

Now for those who aren’t buying because they’re idle, there’s the group that’s buying because they’re trying to impress. This is the season where all the peers you’ve been avoiding through out the year will simply show up at your door step and now, you can no longer excuse their invites to events by saying that you’re busy. It is also the time where family members you’ve been avoiding get to see you and report back home on your progress in life. How can they have good things to report if you’re not in this season’s red-bottom heels and how will they know you’re making money if you’re not in that blunt bob wig that everyone important seems to be rocking these days.

In comes the peer pressure and the need to impress. This is why the stores double up on their marketing budgets.

We’re not judging you in this piece, we’ll allow you just this once. So here are a few tips to enable you to spend less and not go broke this season.

  1. Use the stores’ competition against them

There are so many stores promoting so many things. Each is aware of their competitor so they’re selling at their best possible price. Use this to your advantage by doing your research and comparing prices. Looking good for less is still a thing I promise.


2. DIY is your friend.

A favourite of mine is DIY Dose, she’s on YouTube and Instagram by the same name. You have time on your hands this season, how about you do a few things yourself which you would have had to pay someone a cool buck for them to do. Deep condition your own hair, embellish your own gele and the list goes on.

3. Online stores are your best bet this season

Use them to compare prices, buy from them especially with their pay on delivery option and awoof sales. Jumia  has a Black Friday that doesn’t ever seem to end this month. By all means, shoot your shot.

4. Thrift stores are the bees knees

Thrift stores are all the buzz right now for the trendiness and affordability. You might want to try them out.

There you have it.

Do you have any more tips you’ve used to save money? Share with us in the comment section below

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