Dear Jesus,


Help me to be more deliberate about my walk with you. Help me to be able to withstand the challenges that come with my daily living and not to forget who is really in charge. Help me to constantly seek your face especially when it’s really good. Help me to be your vessel walking in the path that you have paved especially for me. Help me not to live the life of another.


I found this prayer particularly relevant even though it was written two years ago when I had no job and looked out with hope wondering what path God will place me on. I was inspired by the women who had gone before me but I was also afraid. The fear that I won’t live up to my full potential haunted me and I was scared to take my next step because what if that next step led me to the wrong door. I looked on at the lives of my peers, how everyone seemed to be going ahead and living their dreams, or at least it looked that way from what I could see on their social media and I wondered when my breakthrough would come.

Looking back now, I am thankful I said that prayer. I do see my peers seeming to live their best lives on the gram but it’s ‘their’ lives. It was never meant to be mine to begin with or it would be me. I look at how far I’ve come, how my journey has been riddled with obstacles but with each step I have taken, I can honestly say that God has guided every single step down to the finest of details. He showed himself forth in ways I couldn’t imagine and has placed me on pedestals that I was never even qualified for. Looking back now, I realise that I am where I am today because I let Him lead and I stayed in my lane never bothering to look at what another was doing except it was to learn from them or congratulate them.

Too many times, we’re so focused on what other people are doing with their lives that we don’t live ours. We seem to believe that everyone else is having a ball and having it easy while we face our own challenges. We forget that those people probably feel the same way about us because everyone is only really showing the best parts of themselves for fear that people will see through them.

Focus on your path. Stay in your lane. Ask God to direct you to your OWN purpose and believe me, He will come all the way through for you, I assure you of that much.

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