Matthew 11:28

‘Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’

It’s been a great year for some, a heavy one for others and a fair one for the other group of people who feel as though they had just been floating. One of the things that i will say that the christian race affords us is a place of constant rest. One that we seldom use to our advantage as we get carried away with life’s challenges and troubles. It is important that you live above the waves and tides of life.

When the storm came and Jesus spoke calm, He was well aware of the storm but he was in a steady place of calm. A place that couldn’t be perturbed by anything that life could try to bring to his plate. If he lived in today’s world, many would say that he was in His Zen a lot, or He was living in his own little bubble. But listen, that bubble is so necessary especially with all the disruption that is taking place in the world. You need to find a place that is your solace and cling onto it dearly. In this instance, it is the word and Jesus Christ.

How then, you may ask, do you enter into this unperturbed place of rest?

1. You need Faith

Faith and Peace co-exist in the same home. If you do not have faith in the supernatural, you cannot experience the supernatural. It is really that simple. Rest is birthed from knowing that you have a father who will never ever fail you and clinging onto that belief even when all around you makes you look stupid. Look at the life of Job, everyone deserted him, his friends thought him crazy… He would not have been able to withstand everything the devil threw at him if he didn’t have faith. Although it might not have seemed like it as we see through his story that he begins to ask God what he had done to deserve all that was happening to him, he was in a place of rest internally which brings us to my second point.

2. You will be aware of what’s happening around you but not controlled by it

Job was what we would call in this day and age, ‘stressed out’ by all earthly standards. That he was in a place of rest didn’t mean that he wasn’t aware of what was happening in his environment. In fact, he was very aware of his surroundings and all that plagued him. In many parts of his story, we saw this awareness play out in his comments, questions and even observations about him from third party groups. However, and this is what made all the difference, he was not controlled by what was going on in his personal life.  Despite it all, he was still committed to serving the lord.

3. Your love for God should not be based on his ability to give you solutions

Last year, I performed a spoken word which I titled, God is God. In this poem, I spoke of how God didn’t me to exist for him to remain God. He didn’t need me to praise him either as his angels were doing that already 24/7. Bottom line, as Wale Adenoma put it, ‘I am nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator’. He really doesn’t me to be or do anything for His glory to reign. What was my point? I needed to understand that I needed God not the other way round. I didn’t need him because I wanted to be wealthy, get married and have lots of children although, that would also be really nice. I needed Him because my life felt whole with Him in it and I couldn’t imagine a life outside of what I had come to enjoy in Him. When we don’t equate our worship of God to solutions and the lack of problems, we can thoroughly understand what it means to be in God and just truly bask in his presence.

4. Last but not least, daily commune with him

There’s a song that goes, ‘In your presence, I am content’. There’s something beautiful and unexplainable about being in God’s presence. It can’t be explained because you have to experience to really understand the full girth of it. It is invaluable. You can be shielded in God’s presence every day of your life. You just have to make a conscious decision to make out time every day to spend some quality time with Him and to be constantly aware of his Spirit even as you go about your daily operations and before you know it, it will become a habit.

How are you entering into your season of rest this new month? Do you have a method you’d like to share with the Flourish family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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