My devotional today, all thanks to my ever-handy youversion bible was about Christian living. It started off with a story written by an anonymous friend to the infamous Mother Theresa. In the devotional, he writes about noticing that the only thing which seemed out-of-place for the very loving woman was her feet. He described her feet as deformed and ever the curious cat, he once asked about it. The response from another woman who served as somewhat as an assistant was that she would use the shoes that they could not give to any of the children as they were too badly damaged for herself. If that isn’t the epitome of self-denial, I don’t know what is.

This story not only moved me as it really described what true Christian living should look like, it made me think about my spending habits. In a conversation with a friend of mine, she spoke about minimal living and how she had embraced it and it had made a difference in her bank account.

It got me thinking, how often do I deny myself for my finances? Has it played a huge role on my savings culture. On doing some research, I was able to compile a few tricks to the trade that might come in handy for you and I.

  1. Sleep on it. Next time you’re about to purchase that wig that will deplete your account by a significant figure, be sure to sleep on it. Is the value you’ll receive from purchasing it worth having to live on noodles for a full month?
  2. Work out what it costs in work time. Another trick I found useful was to work out per day, how much I earn then, calculate how many days of work I would have worked to be able to earn the amount that would allow me to purchase that thing. In other words, that skin care treatment all the beauty bloggers are raving about might cost me 16 days of work in total. Do I  still see it the same way?
  3. Focus on your debt/savings. For those of us paying off debt, the trade-off is simple. I either spend on this or that’s money that could have easily gone into paying off my loans. That sort of critical thinking will awake the saver in you.
  4. Go food shopping just once a month and plan, plan, plan! I recently started to document how much I was spending on house hold expenses and it helped to plan the next month and the month after that.
  5. Leave debit/credit cards at home. Try withdrawing cash when going shopping and leaving behind all your debit cards. That way, you’re stuck with sticking to whatever’s on hand at that point in time.
  6. Avoid temptation – don’t go shopping. This is pretty self explanatory.  Stay home and hang with the girls, bond with your family, there are lots of other options that don’t involve
  7. Make a list and stick to it. I like lists. I do lists for my day-to-day operations as a corporate worker, I make to-do lists for staff, I also make to-do lists on my calendar to plan my time. There’s no reason why lists shouldn’t be a thing to help you save as well.

There you have it. Do you have any more tricks for spending less. Don’t hesitate to comment in the boxes below.

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