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We’ve all been there before: the dreaded job hunt.

We scroll through and stalk our favorite companies job boards in hopes of finding that dream job. Mindlessly, we send application after application in hopes of catching the eye of a would be employer to set up the elusive interview. But how do you manage to stand out?

The technological revelation has drastically changed the way we search for jobs and, in turn, how employers review applicants and hire new employees. So you really have to go the extra mile to prove you are more than qualified for a job over everyone else.

Francine Tamakloe did just that in her recent pursuit of a job with Spotify. Rather than go the traditional route, Francine went above and beyond to prove that not only was she qualified for the position, but that she had the drive and passion that would set her apart from the pack of applicants.

How did she do this, you ask?

First, she created a vanity website called and turned her job hunt into something like a political campaign!

Instead of emailing or uploading a typical resume, Francine used her technical and creative skills to put together a super dope website that detailed her story, why she would be an ideal fit for the company, and outlined her abilities in an intriguing and different way. She utilized her favorite lyrics to describe her work (this is a music industry position, after all) and even included links to her previous work and a more traditional resume.

Next, she took to Twitter, sent Spotify a cute and concise tweet with a link to her website, that said “Hi Spotify, I want to join the band. Consider this my first audition!”

Retweet after retweet, people from all over were commenting on her ingenuity and assertiveness. Even recruiters were in her mentions saying that they would hire her in an instant!

Not only did Francine land the gig, she also proved that a little extra effort goes a long way. This week, she updated her followers with the amazing news that she was now an employee of Spotify:

SUPER excited to say I am officially part of the Spotify team I’m thrilled for the opportunity to learn & grow with the best in the business.

Farewell boring resume and hello to the creative pursuit of happiness!   People are using social media to get hired and create their own opportunities everyday!  Hopefully Francine’s story inspires you to think outside of the box in your pursuit of your dream job.






What are some of the unique strategies you’ve used to land your dream job?

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