When we hear the word, praise, we immediately think worship, religion and God but what if I told you that wasn’t the only area that needed us to get our praise on.

A friend who recently started her business told me about her employees, she read a book that was supposed to enlighten her on how to have the best staff around you. Loyalty, was a big thing for her she had mentioned. Initially, she would complain about repeatedly not receiving the sort of services she required of them. They were lazy and uncouth, she would say. On reading this book however, she learnt a valuable lesson. She learnt that praise not insults would bring out the best in them. Astonished by this, she set out to try it out for a good two weeks.

In these weeks, she constantly re-assured and praised her staff for good behavior whenever they got it right. When they didn’t she reprimanded them firmly but not hostile. Her staff’s behaviour slowly but surely began to change that at the end of two weeks, she decided this was a habit she would be carrying on.

People need constant motivation. Think about it, how did you feel when your superior, loved one or even child tell you what a good job or how well they valued your input. Did it make you feel good and did you set out to do more simply because you felt appreciated? While we’re at it, think back to a time where you felt demotivated, where you knew you could do better on that project but just couldn’t be bothered to give it your all. Think back to how you were feeling at that point in time, were you feeling motivated?

Let’s start by doing a little exercise. Go about your week simply praising people around you for a job well done. Superiors, Subordinates, Colleagues and let’s see how well they treat you and how well they get their jobs done.

Praise will get you ahead in no time.

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