In this day and age, a valuable network means the world for any business or career prospects. It will open doors for new opportunities, increase your knowledge, and can help you connect with experts and influencers. Building and maintaining a healthy network is one of the most important things that you can do as a professional. An easy way to build your network is by attending conferences.


If you want to not only learn new things, but want to effectively grow your network, you need to go where the experts are. And by the experts, I mean the panel members and attendees that are well-established and are influencers in their industry.

Successful people attend conferences and see the value in them. These same successful people even budget their money and invest in conferences because they know that’s where the most influential people will be and that’s who their target network is. Remember, your net worth depends on your network.

Here are 5 quick reasons on why you should invest in conferences.

Great Networking opportunities

Although Social media has created new means of allowing us to meet new people everyday and establish relationships, it still doesn’t outweigh the immense value you can receive from face-to-face contact. If you’re looking to network up, the best way to do this is through conferences. Conferences are the one event that brings experts together in one room, make use of this opportunity to present yourself and your work to people who could be beneficial in your career or business in the long run.

Increase your knowledge

When you go to a conference, the panelists chosen are experts in their respective fields. By attending a live conference, you are able to gather first-hand knowledge, and learn more about different things in your field in a diverse, professional space.

Ignite your passion

Conferences are great way to ignite the hustle inside of you. When you hear the heavy lifters speak about how they started small, rife with challenges that they had to overcome, it will help re-ignite the fire within you especially when you’re at cross roads and maybe even overwhelmed. Conferences can give you the boost that you need and can motivate you as well.

Connect with people that are of the same mind-set as you are

There is so much positive energy that you can get from being in the same room with someone that is as motivated as you are. When you are at the conference, you will be connected with people that are like you – they desire on improving themselves and have similar interests. Being in the same room as they are will be beneficial to your psyche, it will enable you to want to stay motivated as surely, if you’re in it with all these people facing similar challenges then you are not alone.

Although, networking-up is the key here. This will also enable you network across which might then come in handy in the future because think about it, If i have a product i’m trying to push in the market and i just happen to connect with a Digital Marketer at the conference, that could just be one of the breaks that I needed to push my product in the online market. That way I benefit by added revenue and awareness which I was initially lacking and he benefits by a portfolio boost and increased revenue. So, don’t write anyone off even if they seem to be on the same level as you are, you never know where they could be in future.

Even before the conference, you can start connecting with like-minded people. Btittani Hunter, founder of Mogul Millenial suggests:

In the weeks leading up to the event, especially the days before, try searching for the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and start following people that I think are interesting and would be beneficial to follow. I always follow all of the panelists for the conference, and then I follow people that I assume are attending because they are using the same hashtag. By following people on social media before the conference and even starting conversations with them, you will have started a positive connection with them and it will make your conference experience even better.

Like courses, it presents an opportunity to invest in yourself within a shorter period of time

Conferences allow you to sharpen your skills and learn some real life gems that you would otherwise have not gathered. Unlike courses, which you will mostly find are very theoretical, conferences give you some much needed insight into what the real world looks like for a person in your field. You also get the opportunity of learning from other people’s mistakes so you don’t repeat them yourself. If that isn’t a good investment, I don’t know what is.

Although they can be expensive, investing in conferences will force you to grow and challenge yourself, and it will allow you to network and learn on a whole new level. Keep in mind, even after the conference do not let the money and time you spent on attending go to waste. Stay in contact with everyone that you meet, and find ways to grow a healthy relationship with them. You never know when you may need them and it always helps if you’ve been in contact with them so you don’t come across as a user. Post-conference, another way to stay in touch is through social platforms like linkedIn, send in-mails from time to time and it also enables you to track their progress and see where they might come in handy, work-wise.

Brittani also suggests that if you are feeling really comfortable after meeting someone, it is even okay to shoot them a quick tweet or DM to let them know how great it was meeting them and how you hope to stay in touch. After sending that email, tweet, or DM, make sure you truly stay in contact and do not just randomly pop up when you need something – if you do, I’m sure they may not respond or may not remember who you are.

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