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Healthy looking flawless skin is always attractive.

It’s the reason why women all over the world spend a small fortune on skincare, enriching the global beauty industry.

The truth is with flawless skin, the shakara struggle is already halfway won.

However, more often than not, we tend to sabotage our chances of achieving healthy, flawless skin all by ourselves either by doing certain things wrong or not even doing them at all.


Here are 4 important things you should be doing to achieve truly flawless skin.

1. Eat your vegetables and drink water

Don’t roll your eyes, this is really important because what we radiate on the outside starts from within.

Fruits, vegetables, and water are great for cleansing our insides, thus leaving room for healthy skin to shine through. Make a habit of drinking water first thing in the morning and also eating meals rich in vegetables and your skin will thank you for it.


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2. Use a toner

Now that we’ve tackled the inside, we can move on to the outside. Toning is a very important process that many women erroneously neglect doing.

Toners are great for deep cleansing which is necessary given our weather and the accompanying humidity. It’s however important to select one that’s ideal for your skin type. So if you have a sensitive skin, don’t go purchasing a harsh toner. Also if you have oily skin, you know to stay away from oil based toners. For more on the importance of toners in your beauty routine, click here


3. Wear Sunscreen

Sunlight and UV rays are the leading cause of skin damage. It is important to protect your skin from the sun, even if you have a dark skin tone. There are also sunscreens formulated for different types of skin. Light-wearing formulas such as the Neutrogena clear face broad spectrum sunscreen has been specially formulated for acne prone, oily skin.


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