As a little girl, I always loved my little brown Cabbage Patch because she “looked like me”. But what about all those little girls, and boys, that wished for the same thing but were also dealing with issues of albinism, vitiligo or even large birth marks? Enter Kay Customz!

Kansas City-based artist, Crystal Kay, spent years as a professional hairstylist when she began specializing in Afro-centric jewelry and art. Call it intuition or intervention, instead of throwing away her 10-year-old daughters old porcelain dolls, she decided to use her artistry to refurbish these dolls in the image of the everyday woman and man. Almost a year later, and we are so glad she did!

Kay has created a unique and deeply needed niche in the toy industry. She not only custom makes porcelain dolls based on real life people—not celebrities—she garnered attention because many of her dolls that have various skin conditions. From Albinism to vitiligo, her dolls have had a surprising affect on the young and young-at-heart, alike. Women of color with these and other skin types have flocked to her website to snag a doll that looks just like them. The results are breathtaking, and we are in AWE!

Photo Credit: Kay Customs Instagram

“There’s not a lot of reflection out there as far as various medical and skin conditions, and that’s where the ideas came from for the vitiligo, albinism, and so on. The possibilities with these dolls are endless because there’s so much diversity in the world,’ she said. Via cosmo

There is no denying that these one-of-a-kind dolls are not only having a positive affect on each individual customer but on the rest of us, as well. Representation in all industries is now on the rise, and this is the perfect example of why it is so important. Seeing the beauty in a burn survivor and embracing the uniqueness of the birth mark is an incredibly empowering message for all of us to soak up. These customized collectors items are not just toys, they are messages that there is beauty in us all.

I’ve had women in my inbox saying they are literally in tears because they have never seen anything like [my dolls],’ she said to Cosmopolitan.


There is nothing like finding power in our differences. Thank you, Crystal, for making these amazing dolls!

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