Arguably, one of James Brown’s hit songs was the one he released in 1966. The “Godfather of Soul” had recorded and released this song as a single, which later went on to become No. 1 on the R&B Billboard chart, and ranked No. 123 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. The song became a staple of his electrifying live shows for the rest of his career; and so far, artistes like Charly Luske, Karise Eden and even Seal have made other recordings of this song. “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” wasn’t just a song, it was Brown’s précis of what he had come to know life to be.


Let’s face it; the world is male-dominated, at least judging by statistics. What this means is that those who find themselves in ‘non-male’ bodies should be ready to play second fiddle in almost every aspect of their lives. Consequently, women have been made to take the back seat, of course, being the “weaker vessels“. But are women really weakly, or just delicate? Are they actually spectators at the live show of mankind, or are they the ones who in fact are pulling the puppet’s strings? To disappoint a few, this article wouldn’t be attempting to answer these questions; rather, it will unambiguously show respect for a gender that’s been more stigmatized for her weaknesses than celebrated for her strengths.


The carrier of life

Even nature herself is referred to as “mother”. During the nine months of pregnancy, the body of a woman experiences such tremendous physical and emotional changes that necessitate a recalibration for not just adaptability, but survival. I have been fortunate to be around a few women, including my wife during this magical moment of ‘creation‘, and I have always asked the same question each time, “How would I have handled this as a man?”  And just in case you didn’t know, male pregnancy is indeed possible, only that ultimately, it can be complicated and vey fatal (I am not referring to pregnancy by transgender men like Thomas Beatie, who used to be originally female).

The anatomy of the woman is so divinely put together that it takes more than machoism and egocentrism, the nucleus of the masculine gender, to suffer the pains of contraction and push a 6lbs human out her body. Before you hate me for saying this as a man like myself, I suggest you plug your tough self to a labour-pain simulator for just 10 minutes and send me the uproarious video for the whole world to see.


Brain power

Naturally, the brains of men are about 12% bigger than their women counterparts. Ironically though, this size difference has completely nothing to do with intelligence, but is just an indicator to the physical size between men and women – as the former would often require more neurons to control their larger muscle mass and body sizes.


I have always marveled at how my wife is able to divide her attention among multiple tasks and still be on top of things – cooking, sorting out the kids’ clothes for the next day, sending official emails, and watching TV at the same time while I am just trying to put up this one page article and can’t seem to do anything else. The fact is that men tend to process better in the left hemisphere, while women can in fact process evenly well between the two hemispheres thereby making them more holistic in their perception, emotionally steady, organized, and generally have their senses more finely tuned than those of men whose dominant intuition is their sense of vision. Now at least you know why men are easily swayed by what they see.


Behind every successful man…

…of course is a woman!! Who gave birth to him in the first place!!

From the likes of Winnie Mandela (nicknamed the ‘Mother of the Nation’) who was the driving force behind her husband and his public representative for the 27 years he was in prison, to Hilary Diane Rhodam who met Bill at Yale’s law school and steered him to the White House, to Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King, Lula Mae Hardaway, mother of Stevie Wonder, Lillian Disney, wife of Walt Disney, the list of ordinary women who propelled the men in their lives to unprecedented success goes on and on.

Women are largely better strategists than men, and it’s a shame that for the most part, they don’t get the credit for it. Many are simply content with being ‘behind the curtains’ and pulling the strings, while of course, the men who take counsel from them are celebrated. And this brings into limelight another attribute of these wonderful creatures; they will, if they decide to, go all out to make those they care about succeed at all cost. Women are kingmakers who necessarily don’t care about the crown, but on whose head it sits.


Beauty and influence

Finally, let’s face it, women are the beauty of our world, the spice of it, and this comes with an immense degree of influence.  The beauty of Helen of Troy was so legendary that the people of Greece and the city of Troy fought for ten (10) good years. The strength of the Biblical Samson was so great that he lifted the gate that fortified the entire city of Gaza over 30 miles up a hill but couldn’t resist the temptations on the laps of Delilah, which eventually led to his downfall. So you wonder really, who is the weaker vessel? The one with power, or the one who has influence over the one with the power?

I personally don’t think that the world has been fair to women in terms of recognition. These vessels of wonder, nurturers of life, and the epitome of splendor make our world go round. Even though James Brown may have expressly called it a man’s world; however, the experience of life had also taught him more. Hence supporting the line of his famous song with the expression, “… but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

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