Ever been through something that cut you like a deep wound? Deep wounds don’t heal fast, they may not even look as bad as shallow bloody wounds but the victim feels the tugging pain that sometimes connects to other parts of the body. I’ll try to paint an example. Ever had a cut on your arm so deep that you felt it all the way through to your head? Almost like that cut was so painful other parts of your body had to respond to the intensity of the pain?  Then, you get so used to the pain because it feels like it’ll be there for all eternity till it isn’t anymore and you don’t even recognise it until you lift that arm one day and feel that it’s gone but it’s been with you for so long, you have to give it some days just to be sure it’s really gone.

Liken this scenario to events in our lives that cause us deep pain. A loss, a failed marriage or relationship, a huge disappointment, loss in stable finances, the loss of a job, it goes on. Pain takes several shapes and many times when we’re in it, we train our minds to get used to the pain because perhaps, we deserve it somehow or it won’t go away. We train our bodies, just like we do when we have a deep cut, to bear it and accept it. Until one day, it isn’t there anymore but we barely notice because we had trained ourselves to get used to the pain.

I realised how much gratitude I had acquired over the years was as a result of having to fight for many things I now own. If I wanted to get ahead in my career, I worked… I worked and worked till I was noticed. If I wanted to purchase anything I wanted, I saved up and made sacrifices till I could afford it. I remember looking at my peers and wondering how life would be if I were on their side of the world… born with the privilege to simply take things when I wanted them, at whim. It suddenly hit me that then, I wouldn’t know the value of the things that I now had. It also hit me, that I was no longer afraid of being broke or having little in my bank account, because I had been there, done that. In that moment, I learnt to be thankful for the hardships.

Pain is an instruction. It tells the body that something is wrong. But once that problem is fixed, you find that you’re in better condition than even before the pain. This is the same as with life. Pain is inevitable. You will go through hardships, events that will challenge your faith and your belief in yourself as an individual, however, you needn’t be wary as once embraced, you will find that you’re wiser, stronger and able to face whatever comes your way because of it. Eventually, you too would be able to Thank God for the pain.

What are you going through in this season? Don’t shove the pain away, it’s trying to teach you something. Embrace it and thank God for it because blessings are on the other side of the door. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose courage. You’re on the brink of something amazing!

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