Issa Rae: “Sometimes You Just Have To Accept That There’s A Time For Everything”.

I found that this short video was very timely especially for those going through a time where they feel that despite doing everything right, the dream just won’t bite. I particularly liked her mention of speaking about starting other projects while i’m guessing she simply allowed the previous one simmer. This is where really becoming sensitive to the spirit is very key. Speaking to God about your situation and actually listening for what He has to say will enable you to find some peace even when the answer is no, not right now.

Be inspired today knowing that sometimes, the answer isn’t No, it is simply ‘not right now’ and learning to be ok with that.

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  1. dolapo

    Delay is truly not denial. When God is silent, it does not mean rejection…. He is just teaching us how to wait on him for the best. I don’t lobby for anything in life. I believe when it is God, it comes effortlessly. I am inspired. Thanks for this post.

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