Self-love has been propagated on the internet as a hashtag that women use especially after their marriage is over or their relationship has broken down. However, it is much more. So much more. To understand how important it is to care for self, is to understand that out of your well-being or lack thereof stems your achievements. You want to find love or be in a loving relationship, you have to love yourself first. You want to achieve success? you’re not going to get there if you’re not taking proper care of yourself. That’s why work will ask you to go home or stay home when Ill because where your body won’t work for you, it is difficult to produce. Depending on the kind of sickness, you also put your colleagues at risk of being unable to produce a good body of work. So, how much more self, which embodies so much more than just your physical body?

Self is the core of the individual made up of the body, mind and soul.

How are you caring for your body? Do you feel good about your body? Are you in shape? Have you performed any form of physical exercise in the past week? Even if it meant opting for the 6 flights of stairs instead of the lifts or taking the long walk to your car instead of getting a lift to the car park from a friend. It’s these seemingly minute changes that make all the difference when caring for your body. Making a conscious decision to exert yourself everyday, counts. You don’t have to be hitting the treadmill at the gym in fact study shows that going for a run around the block might be more beneficial than the treadmill so really there are no excuses to making these small little changes which will make you feel better in the long run.

The mind. Where are your thoughts? What do you think about? You say you want to become successful but do you really believe you can or it’s just something nice that everyone loves to say? If you think you’re a fraud, rest assured, you’re going to act like it. The mind is also a tricky spot because it’s where most people can’t really be reached, you can put on a convincing smile and have your brows arched so perfectly that no one notices how much you’re dying on the inside.  So your thoughts, moods, attitudes are yours to have and to keep until death do you part. It’s also where the devil loves to play around. The consciousness that it is such a powerful yet, volatile tool is something that you need to become more aware of and as a result, guard it with all that is in you. Recurring feelings of depression, sadness, sorrow, fear, inadequacy, all of that needs to go in place of their equal opposites so where you feel fear, make a conscious effort to replace it with faith, where sorrow envelopes you make a list of all the reasons you should be thankful every single day if you have to, where depression is a recurring emotion, it’s time to see a counsellor or a therapist to assist you. No one should be made to feel shame due to their mental battles. We all struggle to some degree.

Finally, the Soul. Soul, in the truest form of the word means life. To breathe life into an individual is to energise or resuscitate a previously dead situation. To live doesn’t mean that you’re alive, you could just be going through the motions and experiencing each day as it comes. When last did you travel? when last did you take time out to read a self-help book on a lovely weekend. When last did you let yourself rest? are you ticking off items from your bucket list?

Taking the time out to care for yourself is the best investment you will ever partake in. It is highly essential for growth and sustenance. Love yourself first and watch all else follow.

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