From West African Correspondent to Head of Digital, Africa at Forbes. There is no stopping this British-Ghanaian Millenial Mogul.

In the latest edition of The CEO Magazine by Business Day, Peace Hyde, the newly appointed Forbes Africa Head of Digital Media and Partnerships who also doubles up as the West African correspondent graces the cover. Not only is she your beauty with brains, her commitment to making a difference is awe-inspiring.

From her education non-profit, Aim Higher Africa where she provides skills training to impoverished youths to her impact at Forbes which undoubtedly forced the global platform to promote her to the role of Head of Digital,  Peace Hyde continues to make a significant impact wherever she is placed. The personification of the phrase: ‘bloom wherever you are placed’. Her journey to the media space was definitely not your usual clear-cut path as she was a teacher for many years before her venture into journalism. Within a short period of time, the young beauty has garnered with numerous nominations as well as being recently voted as one of the United Nations 100 Most Influential People of African Descent.

 “I am driven to make a change. A change in the way people perceive their abilities, a change in mindset and most importantly a change in societies expectation for young people. I want to contribute to the paradigm shift in the role the mindset plays in achieving your fullest potential. I believe in one fundamental principle, and that is through faith and God, all things are possible. You just need to add a sprinkle of hard work and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

Hyde spoke on the importance of bringing something unique to the table and creating a brand that was original. She mentioned how technology had made everything possible and in the process redefined how we live and interact with each other, products and services.


“I think as product lines become more fragmented coupled with globalization, organizations are beginning to find new ways of pushing their message to their intended target audience. The emergence of native ads is a testament to this. I believe this evolution will continue for some time. Community marketing and personalization are now strong aspects of the marketing mix and the only way to survive is to embrace this trend.”


Within Forbes, Miss Hyde has increased the visibility of the Forbes Africa brand across the continent garnering over 100 million impressions across Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. In her new position she will be overseeing digital and social content strategy, partnership development and responsible for the growth of the Forbes Africa online platform.

The faithbuilder activist when asked who she would most like to impact, mentioned how much impact she would like to have on the youth who she qualifies as being responsible for shaping the future of the continent.

“When all else fails and the systems and structures that should be in place to equip the youth with the tools they need to create their future, then they need to stand up on their own and create the opportunities they deserve to transform their future and I want to be part of that narrative”.

Well on her way, Hyde has been able to set up 500 small businessss which provide employment to over 2000 youths across Africa through her non-profit organisation, Aim Higher Africa.

On the 3 things that have built her career, she mentioned  the following:

  1. Creating an opportunity when all doors were closed
  2. Innovation. Create a unique brand that gets you noticed by the right organizations
  3. Faith. There is nothing you can’t achieve without prayer and hard work.
The faith builder emanated positivity and drive through out her interview for Business Day’s CEO magazine. This attribute is definitely one to embrace as we all look towards becoming successful in our own right.


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