Picture this: you’re doing well, in fact, better than well. You’re doing brilliant till Jade shows up and she’s got a brand new SUV to boot, good-looking husband and middle-aged children in the most expensive school the country has to offer. All of a sudden, you’re thinking of just how good your life truly is and then, maybe it isn’t that good after all.

If you’ve experienced this, you are not alone. You are simply put, human. However, it is important that you control where you let your mind wander. It is vital that you take charge of your mind space and the feelings that erupt you as envy is very disruptive. You lose track of where you’re heading towards because you’re so focused on another person’s life.

In truth, we’re all running a different race so if you’re working on your envious nature, it might be a good idea to first internalise this. Don’t just know it, understand it and it becomes easier to deal with the fact that someone else’s pace might just be quicker than yours but it doesn’t mean in any way that it is better than yours. 

Contentment. Content doesn’t mean to not aspire to more. It is defined as ‘being in a state of peaceful happiness’. This is the point you need to aspire to in order to avoid feeling like the world is passing you by. A solid peace in knowing that if your time hasn’t come just yet, it will soon enough and being able to find happiness in the interim.

Count your victories. It hasn’t always been so easy, there’s been challenges you’ve had to encounter. Think back to the challenges you’ve faced and how you successfully manoeuvred through them, this will help in making you feel better about where you are right now and how far you have come. You thinking should be along the lines of: “If I got this far, I’m pretty sure, I can get even further”.

Blessings are in the neighbourhood. When someone close to you advances and they make something of themselves or something pretty major happens either for their career or personal lives; think of it as blessings being in the neighbourhood. If that miracle found them, because you’re so close to them, it’ll find you too. Blessings do not discriminate.

The moment you’re able to own your mind and genuinely be happy for others when they flourish and blossom, you’ll begin to see the beauty in your own life. 

Watch the video below for a good pick me up from our founder as she reminds us that “we are all excellencies in our own right”.


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