Shut doors


It might feel daunting when that opportunity you thought was a definite Yes becomes a No. The doors that are slammed shut in your face practically touching the tip of your nose… so close, yet so far away. Have you wondered about how this could potentially mean a breakthrough for you? This sounds a bit like an oxymoron but follow me on my train of thought.

Sometimes, what seems like an opportunity could well mean a downward spiral. The jobs you do not get are sometimes as a result of the foreclosure of the company in the recent future, the savings for the house you’ve been eyeing which you eventually had to spend on an unexpected expense could well mean that one day you will be buying the property once off from a big business deal that yields extensive profit.

It’s difficult to view challenges as blessings in the midst of that difficulty but one thing I have definitely learnt is that good things are all around us and if we look close enough, you’ll find them everywhere.

The opportunities that may have seemed to be present are not necessarily opportunities that were meant for you. That’s a difficult pill to swallow but if it were yours it would be yours. I believe In the power of timing and seasons. Ever tried eating a sumptuous looking pear or apple only to find that it is still unripe. The juice from an unripe fruit could put you off that fruit for an elongated period of time. Try to think of yourself as that fruit. If you enter into a destined terrain at the wrong time, you just might be so unprepared for that opportunity that you make a mess of the opportunity before you even get a chance to blossom from it.

The people you would have met during this period of time are so key to your future and their watching you crash and burn is an opportunity lost. It’s difficult to cancel first impressions. It takes grace and divine favour for people to give you second chances. It’s no wonder our God is not a man because if He were, perhaps many of us would have been done for.

I believe in weaning periods especially. There’s a reason graduate programs exist for new job market entrants, there’s a reason we learn to crawl before learning to walk. It is important that we learn the art of enjoying the journey. It is vital to understand that everything has its timing and in the process of waiting let’s try to do the work on ourselves that will prepares us for that opportunity when it is indeed our time.

Shut doors are more-or-less curtains that will be lifted when it is your time.

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  1. Dolapo

    More like when God is silent or is saying No, it does not mean he Hates us, it means greater doors of.blessing is.on the way. I am.inspired!!!

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