Ever wondered why the greatest people in the world, people that others aspire to become or be like tend to have really difficult stories that got them to where they were. Look at the lives of Oprah Winfrey and God rest her soul, one of the most prolific writers of our time, Maya Angelou. 8 year old Maya was sexually abused by mother’s boyfriend and Oprah was raised in a dirt-poor neighbourhood and also a victim of repeated sexual abuse.

Now, perhaps those were really sordid examples of great women who had to undergo quite a lot in their early years but if they could make it and get to the peak of their careers, what’s your excuse? The difficulties they faced not only made great content some day when they became famous, for Maya, her level of depth might not have been as great if she hadn’t been through the horrible experiences she faced.

It’s difficult and lonely when you think life keeps throwing challenge after challenge in your face. It might even become depressing when your peers seem to simply sail through life. They might not have had the same gory experiences as you have and this comes in many forms. Have you had to really work your way up from the pit bottom at your office? Have you had to face dire levels of poverty in your upbringing? Have you encountered failure recently and it feels like there’s no starting again from here? If you can relate to any of these scenarios or perhaps yours hasn’t been sampled here, do know that difficult times don’t last but it is what you do during those periods that count.

The women listed above realised their power, they worked through the psychological trauma that came with their experiences, realised that perhaps it could even become the pivot that would have them see their big break and they wielded it to their own benefit.  Not only did they choose to surpass their difficulties, they also did the work. Oprah learnt to read at 2 and a half years old and had been giving speeches at church from the moment she could speak. Maya on the other hand, engaged her readers by writing through her experiences stating that young people needed to know that life wasn’t always rosy and today, 3 years after her death, her story still inspires and touches.

As you read this, maybe the challenge is in your business or career and you’re wondering how you could ever get to your destined end. Take all the lessons of the pain and let it guide you on your journey. Challenges are there to shake the boat and that’s the best way the Captain may truly put his skills to good use lest he forget and get comfortable.

Perhaps the challenges you face are as a result of circumstances you created through your own mistakes. That’s ok too. What have those mistakes taught you? How can you leverage on them to make yourself that much better? It’s time to stop making excuses. Maya Angelou never went to a University yet, her written pieces are the envy of History and Literature Lecturers.

What has been limiting you? What excuses have you fooled yourself into believing are the reason why you cannot be great? It’s time to work through them. When the boat shakes, you’re entering new tide. Are you ready to sail into it?

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  1. Dolapo

    Great post out there. The story of Joyce Meyer too is an inspiration. Repeated sexual abuse by her father and also a victim of drug abuse. Nothing should limit us. Thanks for sharing ma.

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