Three Ways to Start Trusting Yourself More

Let’s face it, we live in a society where being social is more acceptable than being yourself. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life than you forget to enjoy the moment you are given. I get it. You want to be the face that everybody knows. You want the “likes” of thousands of adorning people when you post a selfie. You want the world to recognize how “great” you are without you having to say it…right?

Well, it’s okay to have grand ambitions for yourself when it comes to the opinions of others..but what about what you think and feel about yourself? What are you saying to yourself when no one is looking?

In 2017, there are thousands of self-help books circulating in the market, but can we suggest a new idea to you? You don’t need to read another book to discover who you are or what your purpose is in life. You already know all this…you simply need to trust yourself. Now this may seem easier said than done, so I’ve come up with three tips you can implement today to begin trusting yourself on another level.

  1. Pick one day a week to unplug from social media.

As fun as it can be, scrolling through the photos or videos on your Instagram page can be a major distraction. One two-minute video can easily turn into a two-hour period of nothingness. Quite frankly, social media can be a huge distraction! Ask yourself what kept you occupied before social media became a thing? Also, how do you connect with others outside of “liking” a picture or commenting on a post?

Unplugging one day a week isn’t a bad thing. It’s healthy. Read a new book. Catch up with a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Go sit in a park and observe the beauty around you. Do something that forces you to spend time with yourself without the influence of others.

When you make unplugging from social media for a day a habit, you’ll eventually want to adopt this “unplug” theory in other areas of your life, i.e. turning off your cell phone, spending time alone, or not watching television.

  1. Find a hobby that fosters your creative side.

Every now and again, your imagination needs to be unleashed! We spend enough time being thinkers and doers on a daily basis so let your mind run free. Hobbies that induce creativity include painting, writing, bowling, traveling, singing and more. Now, if you choose to do anything that I’ve mentioned, you have to add a twist to it. Go to a sip-and-paint night. Its led by an instructor, you get to try premium juices and you get to meet other people for a few hours of fun! If you choose singing, don’t go sing in the shower! Find a hangout spot that had karaoke night. Nothing makes for a good time like singing your head off in front of a room of people you don’t know. You never know, you may actually find that you like being in front of the room.

Adulting can sometimes be a drag when you do some of the same things over and over again. Having creative time allows you to experience parts of you that you may have allowed to go dormant due to life responsibilities. There is more to you than a great work ethic. Discover what’s there!

  1. Let go anyone and anything that brings negativity into your space.

This is the most important tip listed. When you are on a journey to get to know yourself, the last thing you need is people around you who do not desire to help you develop as a person. More often than not, some of the most negative influences we have in our lives are the ones we love most. Guess what? It’s possible to continue to love them but from a distance.

You need to protect your energy and your space. Now is not the time to have energy vampires sucking the happiness out of your day. You can be no good to anyone else until you first are good to yourself. Let go of anything and anyone who does not bring goodness into your life. You need to live baggage free!

In a world that is begging you to fit in, stay standing out. It is okay to do something different than the crowd. The key to getting more in tune with your true self is to spend more time investing into yourself. No one will pour into you like you can. Start taking yourself serious and start trusting your grow process.



Maleeka Taliha Hollaway, a native of Atlanta, GA, is the founder and CEO of The OfficialMaleeka Group, LLC, a boutique firm specializing in business lifestyle coaching & consulting, writing services and public relations. Maleeka is an Internationally Certified Life & Business Success Coach, a candid public speaker, a member of the highly-esteemed, Forbes Coaches Council (Internationally Certified Business Success Coach) and 2x Best-Selling author (co-Authoring “20 Beautiful Women: Volume 2” & “Release: Untold Stories About Inner Strength, Resilience, & Overcoming Challenges”). She is devoted to mentoring and coaching people of all ages and genders in discovering how to live the life they desire, as she is blossoming into one of the most inspirational and influential millennial voices of this generation.
Maleeka holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Alabama A & M University and a Master’s of Science in Communications Specialist. She currently is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership from Capella University. Connect with Maleeka on & @OfficialMaleeka, @the_omg_llc on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Ifedolapo

    Well said ma! One thing I have decided to do this year is to avoid negative people inhabit my space. Life is too short to be spent in misery. I have learnt a lot from this article. Well done ma.

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