Self-Worth is Vital for Your Net Worth to Increase

What is self-worth? It is simply defining yourself as to what you can have, achieve, and even believe. Many consider self-worth to only be linked to your confidence. I could be the most confident person in the world, but that doesn’t mean I believe that I deserve everything I desire. There’s a distinct difference in knowing what you want versus believing what you deserve.

A person who only wants something will be ok with getting the discounted item, also known as settling. It’ll be easy for them to just take what’s handed to them because they just want something. People who believe they deserve what they desire posture themselves to have a greater sense of self-worth. How? It’s because they aren’t willing to compromise or put themselves on the “for sale” rack. Their belief system is so compelling that they have crazy ideas like “I will become a billionaire. I will have the spouse of my dreams. I will own a successful business that doesn’t need me every single day to thrive.”

Do you know how insane these words sound, especially to people who just “want” something? People who have self-worth will do anything to get their desires in that they know it will come to pass. Even if it doesn’t seem like the desire or promise is near, they won’t just take the first thing smoking. They know who they are in Christ. Their foundation is built on solid rock…

Your self-worth is built on what you are truly made of in your set of beliefs. When times get shaky, who do you show up as? Building your self-worth is a lifelong commitment to lay hold to every promise God has given you. Here are three ways you can boost your self-worth for the vitality of your success:

  1. Declarations

Speak positive declarations over your entire life. I mean get down to the deepest desire in your soul. I even have declarations for my husband and children. It would be too late to start speaking about them when I get them! Start right now. Speak life about the business you want to start or the career you want to embark on. Say that you are the most wealthy and powerful person in the world. Death and life are in the power of your tongue.

In speaking differently, you will begin to attract people who like the way you talk. They will feel uplifted by your words and will want to become you. Let’s face it! We buy from the people we want to become. You will open up avenues to sell your services or products to others so they can get the life you have.

  1. Beliefs

Unlock your limiting beliefs. Stop allowing yourself to say what you cannot have. You can have everything you desire with your whole being. Be ok with being that person who believes the impossible will happen. You’re the one God will highlight to show His glory on the earth. Your belief in having a better life will bring you in front of the right people. You will start to expect great things to happen as a result. Your mind will expand your ideas and endless possibilities of generating the income you know is rightfully yours. You won’t just believe that someone will have to hand you a paycheck for working tirelessly. You will see that you yourself can just be you and make limitless income.

  1. Standards

Set the right boundaries in place to get what you need for you to thrive. If that means you have to cut people off, do it. They are not worth your time and energy. This could be used to build your brand, think of more ways to become more, or even research for ways to craft your gifts. If you have to stop going out for a while to save the money for what you wish to have, go for it. Do whatever it takes to protect your God-given dream. This creates a higher sense of focus. Your focus will make you zone in on the right idea to take your life to the next level financially.

Once you make these changes, I promise you will elevate higher than you ever have. It’s all about positioning yourself to be the person who is already higher. The world is about to chase you down for what you have to offer. People will start to give to your dream because of the confidence you exude. You believe so much in what you are doing that the world is looking to you to solve their problems. Before long, your mind will open up ways to receive more opportunities to create more wealth.



Jasmine L. Thomas is a follower of Christ, lover of family, a powerful educator, an entrepreneur, and an encourager to everyone she encounters. She is a passionate advocate for educational and Christian-based empowerment amongst youth and women. To live out this calling, Jasmine has a tutoring business and a nonprofit organization – Limitless Learning Tutoring, LLC and She’s Worthy with The Mindset Queen Coaching Program. Jasmine believes that people should be given the proper mind enriching tools to elevate their lives to the next level.

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