How to Emit Feminine Power In Relationships

When you’ve been the girl who would give anything to be with someone, it can be a HUGE transition when you’ve finally attracted a man who will give everything just to be in your presence. You might start wondering, “Am I being selfish? What can I do for him? Does he feel like I support him?” Baby girl, I have been there. Here’s the truth: Men were made to chase and give to us. The way society tells us, we are supposed to bend to a man to meet every single one of his needs. We can do this whole give and take situation all we want, but it doesn’t shed light on the fact that we have to bask in being a feminine being.

I want you to enjoy being pursued for the rest of your life by the love of your life. You have the inner power to manifest this type of relationship into your life. Take in these quick tips to get what you want.

  1. Work on You

Take the time to take care of yourself. Your health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is imperative to settling in your feminine energy. If you don’t take the time to develop yourself, you will not attract the high quality man you claim to want. There’s a difference between wanting something and deeply desiring it. God moves on your desires and shows you the right actions to take in order to manifest those desires. If you are not actively growing everyday, you’ll slow your process down of getting the man you desire and keeping him effortlessly. So take the time to form a bomb morning routine. Get your hair and nails done or do it yourself! Read books to craft your passion and purpose. Crush your goals in your business or career. Become the woman you would want to date. Fall in love with yourself.

  1. Be Yourself

When you finally meet this man, be your complete authentic self. Don’t cover up your truth and emotions. It’s not your job to win him over. It’s his job to prove himself to you. You get to make the choice as to whether or not you want to continue a relationship with him. He doesn’t hold all of the power, so don’t fall prey to this idea. You don’t have to force anything because what’s for you is for you.

  1. Make Him Miss You

Have you ever chased a guy and noticed he stopped coming after you? It’s because you have made yourself unavailable to be chased. He knows he has you. He doesn’t believe he has to work any longer. Even if you’re married, this tip will save you. People think you have to work in overdrive to keep your man. When you understand your value in this world and even in a relationship, that man will pursue you with full intention. Allow him. Don’t call him first all the time. Don’t run him down to make plans. Pull back, baby girl. If he is the one for you, he will come around.

  1. Relax and Release

Here’s a bonus tip babe, chill…His presence should ease your tension where you can be a feminine powerful woman. He should make you feel truly comfortable. Release the masculine energy to want to control everything. You do have an immense amount of power, but it has to be gentle and captivating. If you’re super intense, that man won’t be able to fall in love with you. Both of your energies will be masculine. Someone has to bring it down, and quite frankly, it won’t be him. Release your feminine aroma, love. I promise he’ll be yours for a lifetime.



Jasmine L. Thomas is a follower of Christ, lover of family, a powerful educator, an entrepreneur, and an encourager to everyone she encounters. She is a passionate advocate for educational and Christian-based empowerment amongst youth and women. To live out this calling, Jasmine has a tutoring business and a nonprofit organization – Limitless Learning Tutoring, LLC and She’s Worthy with The Mindset Queen Coaching Program. Jasmine believes that people should be given the proper mind enriching tools to elevate their lives to the next level.

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