Life after uni

So you’ve just completed your degree, CONGRATULATIONS!  What’s next?

Your mum is indirectly saying marriage.

Your Dad questions on a Postgraduate Degree?

The inner you slowly whispers ‘finances’ every five seconds and your friends scream HOLIDAY!

As exciting as it is for it all to come to an end it is also quite nerve racking when you are not too sure what the next step is. However, fear not because you are most definitely not alone.

You’ve just spent 3-4 years at university and what a journey it has been. Sleepless nights, caffeine addictions and an inconsistent social life.  The last thing you want to be doing is pulling your hair out because cannot find a path of direction.

  1. Relax

Try not to jump straight into work right after completing your degree. The girls may just be right, a break is what you need. It allows you to gather your thoughts in a completely different environment with no responsibilities attached to your hip, just pure freedom. A holiday may not correspond with your bank account right now so why not a domestic weekend away? Away from the busy streets and the constant reminder that global warming is real.

  1. Do not rush

Are wedding invites becoming depressing? Well.., when you haven’t necessary found a clear direction on your career paths and goals, or found someone who is going to support that, then it’s best to not rush into things.  Don’t feel pressured to commit because you’re getting ‘older’. Don’t feel pressured to commit as a plan B to have security either.

Marriage is a sacred union between two people and it is to be taken seriously. Wouldn’t you rather wait and have the fairy-tale wedding with your ‘perfect’ man than to rush into it and have it all come crashing down because he wasn’t who you thought he was.

  1. Postgraduate

If you’re yet to find a job or looking to expand your knowledge in what you majored in or another area that interests you then I think it’s a brilliant idea. In this modern world almost everyone has a degree since universities are offering obsolete courses at degree levels with no relevance. Having a master’s will make you stand out.  Unfortunately education doesn’t come cheap and if a postgraduate degree is not needed then you don’t need to stress. Don’t do it for the sake of a safe net to run to because you cannot find a job. Speak to those around you that have been through it. Try and network with people in the field you want to get to.  You may feel defeated at times but keep trying till you finally see results. A career can’t be built within a couple of days.


All the Best!


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