Four Dangers of Eating White Bread

White bread is one of the unhealthiest foods that is still the most accessible and it tastes oh so yum especially when freshly baked and the butter melts right into it. Yes, the foods that taste the best are the worst for you so snap out of it.

The earlier you scrap it out of your meal plan, the better. Here’s why:

High Sugar Level – White bread is categorized under simple carbs which are literally known as foods that are not smart. White bread digests quickly because it is very low in protein and fiber. This makes the sugar level rise quickly and before you know it crashes and you are yearning for more food.

Diabetes – Eating white bread might increase your chances of having diabetes. Since it is high in sugar, your blood sugar level will escalate. When blood sugar elevates rapidly, excess insulin is released into the bloodstream to push the sugar into the cell,” says Palinski-Wade. Stick to whole grain meals so as to reduce the risk of being diabetic.

Zero Nutritional Value – The primary point of eating is to nourish our bodies and better our health. The question you should ask yourself before you pipe down your meal is if the meal will nourish your body? Refined grains lacks fiber and protein, leaving behind starch. Opting for whole-grain varieties carries with it a dose of healthy fiber and more protein, adding a nutritional boost to your meals.

Weight Gain – Most of us wants to lose extra pounds but we fail to eat clean. Because refined carbohydrates like white bread produces surplus sugar to the body and when it is not used immediately, it turns to fat. It tends to digest quickly, leaving you hungry and yearning for something to snack on. Rapid digestion


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