Goal setting helps us to map out which direction we want to move in life. Goals serve as indicators of how well or how badly we are performing. It refocuses our vision and helps us to become more productive each day by streamlining our daily activities. To make sure you are setting the right goals which will help you achieve the maximum amount of results, it is important for your goals to be SMART. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time bound.


S stands for Specific- WHAT, WHERE, HOW.


A goal has to be specific and definitive and clearly highlight as much of the goal as possible without vague language. Since you are the one who will need to translate these goals into action plans, make sure that they clearly spell out your objectives.


M is for Measurable- FROM AND TO


You will need to have mode of measurement for your goals. This helps you to know when your goal has been completed.


A- Assignable-WHO


Goal setting is also about knowing who to delegate which part of the strategy to. This can be an individual or a group of people. Knowing who will perform which role and what level helps you to streamline your goals for optimum success.


R- how Realistic are your goals?


Are your goals feasible? Do they require an extraordinary set of circumstances before they can be achieved? It is important for your goals to be realistic and attainable within a given period of time.


Finally T stands for Time based


Every goal has to be time sensitive. You need to set an ideal timeframe for achieving your goal. Your goal needs to achievable within an aggressive yet realistic. For example, no matter how badly one might want a baby it still takes 9 months for a child to be born. You need to ensure your goals all within an appropriate timeframe to ensure success.

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